MetaLiquid (first step)

date: December 31st, 2010

Hello guys! Today a very old friend just sends me an email to say Merry Christmas delayed and also for asking me, if by chance I have done something related with liquid in flash, additionally he sent to me some examples about what he wants to achieve, unfortunately all of them were done in C++.

I took a look out there to see what people are doing and a found some very, very interesting things using different approaches. The ones that took my attention are those using metaball concepts; it is really crazy because of the metaball algorithms (the well done ones) have to draw the shapes pixel by pixel, which is something very expensive in terms of CPU time. The more balls the heavier in terms of performance but it gives us a good look and feel.

I did a very quick test (just few lines of code, nothing finished yet) using this metaball approach before answering to my friend. In this example I am just applying some gravity to 50 balls (with no collisions yet) and for rendering the whole thing in a 200x400 pixel canvas I am using pixel bender (it gives me multi core abilities). It is very, very simple, and easy to understand, only few lines of code. Take a look on how it is going on this first stage, as soon as I have a better idea about what/how to carry on with it, I will publish my progress on it.

Here is the source code if you want to take a look on it download source code 4KB (3KB compiled).

Guys! I really would like to say, thank you very much for all the feedback given during this whole year 2010. I have to confess that could be nothing without you, I do appreciate all the time, comments, messages sent from you, all your feedback is my motivation source.

Once again, thank you very much and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I have to go! There is a very good whiskey bottle waiting for me for sharing with some good friends.

See you on 2011!


date: 19 Sep 2012 - 08:23:51, published by Paul
Excelent job!, any updates on this?, could you make any progress?. Thanks.
date: 31 May 2013 - 01:01:20, published by Deepak
Awsome ... you rock man ...