Cali (remix version)

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It was my very first song, the one I felt that I have to finish for real. When I wrote this song I was a bit angry, inspired on my home town Cali and holding all arguments for leaving it, I wrote the lyrics just after I left my country for the very first time travelling to Costa Rica in 2000. Once I got a clear idea about what I was feeling in that moment I started making the music and then put the lyrics on top, I have finished it in Bogota just few months before I have decided to travel back to Brazil with no return promise, Bogota was my last chance with Colombia, unfortunately there is not a gap for me there.

At the end of this song I said forgive me, that's the insecure part of us that never know about things in the future, I think that the song Antiguas Calles (Old blood) explain a bit of it. lol!

This is a remix version, the original one is just slower (make me feel lazy) and recorded just with the guitar so I've changed for this version a bit "funk" where I played arround with some electronic percussion and then mixed it with acustic drums and at that point I was using my newest brazilian electro-acustic guitar Giannini, it was the first time I used it in any recording, it is the same guitar I used for recording En la tierra que nadie soñó in london, wherever I travel my guitar is always with me. Could you believe that I have never replaced its strings since I bought it?

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my guitar


  • Cali, no soporto tu rutina
  • estoy dispuesto a renunciar
  • hasta tu risa me fastidia
  • no ves que ya me voy
  • hasta la música que escuchas hoy
  • no sostiene lo que siempre fuiste
  • En una secuencia
  • me hiciste quedar
  • vestirme de negro
  • para despedir
  • a todos los padres de todas las madres
  • Que hoy te suplican que seas feliz
  • Perdóname
  • una vez más me equivoco y no se comprender
  • cual es la mística rustica que hay que comer
  • Anestesia mi gente, pero la pasan muy bien


One day when one of me hard disks just gone I lost the whole source of this song, it took me a while to recovery it and some parts of it I just had to record again.

The voice, rhodes piano, acustic guitar and bass download it Here is almost the whole song with no percussion and drums, I mixed here the guitar, voice, rhodes piano and the bass.

The percussion, drums and FX download it these are the drums and percussion I did, part of it was re-recorded when I lost my hard disk.