Antiguas calles (Antigua sangre)

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Antiguas calles (Antigua sangre) which translate Old streets (Old blood) was a project I made in London during the winter of 2008. I started writing the lyrics first and then I put the music behind. This song was inspirited on my hometown Cali which it tells a story of a guy arriving back to the town after being away for quite a long time. This song has recorded some congas and bongos in a salsa rhythm style and I just tried to mix them with some electronics elements such drum & bass hit hats, snares and bass.

I think that the hardest thing was record the electric guitar; I tried to make many different melodies and played around with the chords scales but at the end I couldn't find something interesting so I just leave it as it is, simple chords. The Rhodes piano was a bit tricky also, especially on minute 2:21, when I recorded it naturally I just realized that its notes collides with percussion and guitar so it has a lot of post edition where I've changed its quantization totally so it sounds really weird without the other instruments but it's okay with the whole thing.

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  • Por las calles donde caminaba nadie se veía
  • por lo menos la vegetación parecía igual
  • quien pensaría que hoy yo volvería
  • si en mi despedida jure jamás regresar
  • Voy cruzando la esquina donde me bebía
  • muchos jugos de lulo y algún borojo
  • y la misma en la noches se nos convertía
  • en un punto de encuentro del comercio exterior
  • pero hoy he venido a encontrar la verdad
  • en la tierra y la sangre de mi sociedad
  • Estoy pensando en lo que siempre me decías
  • aquellas cosas de amor mezcladas con ilusión
  • son las misma que hoy me mantienen con vida
  • y en algunos momentos me hacen perder la razón
  • y es por eso que hoy he venido a encontrar la verdad
  • en la tierra y la sangre de mi sociedad


Here are some separated channels I mixed during the audio mastering proccess

The voice, Rhodes piano and electric guitar only. download it These 3 channels combined in this track. It is really interesting on the minute 2:21, The way how I recorded the rhodes piano was completely different of the way how it is finished on the track, It did required quite much post edition, it sounds a bit our of sync due to its manual weird quantization but at the end mixed with the whole thing it sounds okay.

The percussion and Drums & Bass download it here is the song's soul I thing, it was here where I decided to blend the drum & bass with some latin style congas and bongos.

The bass download it well, the bass seems to be one of the most interesting instruments first time people hear this song that's why I have decided to leave it here in a completely separated channel, this bass is mixed also with a synth bass.